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It’s no secret that the stress of COVID-19 has affected our mental health.

If you have always battled anxiety and depression or if the pandemic has triggered new symptoms, know that you are not alone. …

Tell me about the moment that sparked the idea for your product? The moment that sparked the idea for Make it Home Safe was the moment my son drove off the driveway by himself for the first time (I still have a vivid image in my mind) and the fear…

How AI Improves Contextual Targeting

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Digital advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Everyday consumers reach for their phones, laptops and tablets to get the latest news. With access to the broad reach of audiences multiplied by the frequency they check their devices, delivering your message to someone’s fingertips is now…

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Q: Please introduce yourself. What is your background? In your own words, what is the mission of your organization, Footbridge for Families?

A: I’m Kim Cauley Eckel, a “boomerang” who grew up in Shaler/Hampton and returned to Point Breeze eight years ago with my husband Ryan to raise our own…

Valeria Green & Kim Garrett, Co-Founders of CHELA

Matt Dulac & Joel Perdzock, Co-Founders of Komodo

Aaron Yuan & Christopher Reid, Co-Founders of GIGO Games

AlphaLab’s 22nd Cohort — Now Entirely Virtual!

By Olivia Payne

AlphaLab, IW’s software accelerator, located in East Liberty, has kicked off its 22nd cycle! We have six great companies that will go through a 4-month program where they’ll receive investment, learn from industry experts, get connections to corporates and investors, and ultimately grow their businesses. What makes…

We’re excited to announce AlphaLab Cycle 21, our Fall-Winter 2019 Cohort! We have 8 promising teams that are disrupting markets ranging from personal shopping to clinical trials to the ethereum blockchain. …


AlphaLab is a nationally ranked early stage startup accelerator focused on helping founders achieve product-market fit and customer traction.

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