Aaron Yuan & Christopher Reid, Co-Founders of GIGO Games

Introducing: GIGO Games

Founded by experienced game designers, GIGO Games is focused on developing a paintball game and IP to bring the billion-dollar eSports market to a much wider audience-.

Website: hello.gigogames.com

Founder(s): Christopher Reid, Aaron Yuan

Origin Story: Chris and Aaron are longtime, award-winning game designers who have produced games and prototypes for competitions, research, and private clients. GIGO Games was initially a work-for-hire side hustle until they began plotting an entry into the nascent world of eSports. Once they decided on their approach and secured their first licenses from a prominent paintball ambassador, GIGO Games transitioned fully into its mission to build new eSports experiences that are fun and accessible for everyone.

Problem: eSports today is still inaccessible to most people (either by being too complicated or too violent). Younger players especially- who spend a vast amount of time online- have few sports-adjacent team games to play and watch.

Solution: With our game design expertise and our licensing agreements with major players and manufacturers in the sport, we will build an eSports game around the extreme sport of Paintball. We’ll create a fun and accessible game and league using ‘real’ (“IRL”) gear and fields.

Status: Dubbed “Hitmen Air-Powered Time Trials” (after the sponsor), we are providing a single player experience as a prototype or validation. In 6 months, we’d like to have launched an alpha version of the full tournament game and run tournaments with pro players as a marketing technique.

Grand Vision: GIGO Games continues to run tournaments for our Paintball game, making revenue from season subscriptions from players and spectators, as well as through sales of digital assets in our in-game store. We expand into other casual sports titles, such as VR Ultimate Frisbee.

Founder Fun Facts: Aaron is a classically trained artist. Chris drove his first car by himself when he was 5. (He crashed, though).

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