Founders of Koop

Koop is building an autonomous mobility insurance platform that lets autonomy operators get custom, data-driven, and scalable insurance solutions.


Founders: Zak Gazizov, Sergey Litvinenko, Kamron Khodjaev, Jim Duan

Origin Story: Koop Technologies started with an idea to develop external applications of autonomous mobility data. Autonomy will significantly improve transportation worldwide in the coming decades, unlocking hundreds of billions of dollars in value from lives saved on the road and productivity gains. With autonomy comes new and abundant data that needs to find its applications beyond immediate autonomous technologies development — one of those applications being insurance. Building a company that enables such data applications and provides peace of mind to autonomous mobility companies in their insurance needs inspires us to do our business.

Problem: The problem we are solving is that autonomous mobility companies have considerable difficulties getting proper insurance coverage while insurance companies have material problems understanding and underwriting those new, highly-technological companies and their assets. For example, autonomy operators are particularly not happy about the insurance process and costs, while insurance carriers have difficulties retrieving information about their autonomy clients’ operations to estimate underwriting risks. Lack of data and lack of guidance on data applications also deter autonomy insurance product development.

Solution: Koop Technologies has created a dedicated solution that can answer autonomy operator and insurer needs altogether — an end-to-end insurtech brokerage platform purpose-built for autonomous mobility and robotics. Our product features a data-sharing platform with APIs for autonomy operators, proprietary framework to estimate insurance exposure from autonomy data analysis, and brokerage capacity to place autonomous mobility risks directly with insurance carriers. This end-to-end setup with technology and brokerage under one roof is the most optimal to deliver value to both autonomous mobility clients and insurance carriers.

Status: Our team is currently executing on the deliverables for the first clients, acquiring insurance appointments, and continuously shipping updates and new features to the platform.

Grand Vision: Our vision is to become a premier insurtech brokerage solution in autonomous mobility and robotics and do business globally.

Founders Fun Facts:

Kamron learned basic English from watching the TV show “Friends”. His first full sentence was the quote by Joey Tribbiani, “You can’t just give up! Is that what a dinosaur would do?”

Sergey believes laughter makes you live longer and happier, so if you laugh at your own jokes, it’s the happiest immortality!

Zak enjoys Pittsburgh winters quite a lot after experiencing -63°F while growing up in Siberia.

Jim is an avid Latin dancer who enjoys exploring different cultures and collecting high-quality memes.

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